Graham Moes Interview

Published: 27th of June 2018

I’ve been thinking about how to progress this blog, and I decided that alongside writing about my touring experiences and my favourite venues, I also wanted to use this as a platform share local artists that truly inspire me. And so ...

I caught up with Brisbane musician, Graham Moes, recently to chat about the launch of his brand-spanking new single ‘Fighter’ this Sunday at Black Bear Lodge.

Photo Credit: James Jessup

So your new single ‘Fighter’ is out!
Can you talk a little bit about the song?

The song ‘Fighter’ is about empowering women and empowering the word ‘feminism’ for all to use – knowing that it’s true meaning is simply equality. We still live in a society with much gender inequality and it’s my aim to plant some seeds to change that and do my part.

Feminism is a hot topic right now, especially with the tragic and highly publicised death of Euridice Dixon in Melbourne. What do you hope to achieve with 'Fighter'?

I hope that people who are maybe feeling like feminism isn’t such an issue, maybe it’s just an auxiliary to other issues we have in society, will realise that it is a part of the bigger picture of things we need to change. I just want to spread awareness, for people who might already identify as a feminist, but perhaps need a bit more of a push to realise that there are more things they can change in their daily behaviour. Men and women, you know – let’s change the gender norms.

The single launch is this Sunday at Black Bear Lodge!
How has the lead up been?

Correct! The lead up to the single launch has been a lot easier than in the past – this is my 7th event now that I’ve organised and facilitated – so a lot of the processes are a lot less stressful, allowing me to focus more on actually being the artist. I can just go down the ‘launch checklist’ and cross things off.

What are you most excited for in the show?
Will there be any little surprises?

There will be many surprises, which I’m not going to reveal! (Laughter) You’ll just have to come along!

When you perform live, it’s just you and a whole bunch of gear – how long did it take to get so good at looping?

Well, I started looping when I was about 18 and my drummer at the time, Daniel, sold me his old looping rig – which is just a three-channel loop station, and a multi-effects station that I use on my vocals. Since then, I’ve just been honing the craft and really tuning into it as its own instrument, and really loving it! Mostly because, as a soloist you can create these big, broad, wonderful layers and soundscapes and textures that you otherwise couldn’t have.

Do you have any future shows coming up?

Yes! I’m going on tour for the rest of the year, touring the single ‘Fighter’. I’m going to be playing shows up and down the coast – this Sunday is the big big big big BIG one. It’s at Black Bear Lodge, and it’s going to be epic. I have the very powerful Jo Davie fronting 'Cigány Weaver', Tracy MacKellar doing spoken word poetry, and Georgia Rose setting the place on fire from 7pm.

You can catch Graham at:

Sun 1 July / Brisbane / Black Bear Lodge
Fri 6 July / Valla Beach NSW / Headland Café
Sat 21 July / Southbank Regional Flavours
Wed 25 July / Coffs Harbour / Element Bar
Fri 3 August / Maroochydore / Sol Bar
Sat 15 Sept / Gold Coast / Miami Marketta
Sun 16 Sept / Brunswick Heads / Hotel Brunswick

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