Hannah Cameron Interview

Published: 7th of August 2018

Hannah Cameron is a Melbourne based alt-folk musician, whose unique talent for evocative and intelligent songwrting has been consistently turning heads. Recently, I caught up with her to chat about the Brisbane launch of her new album “I Lay Where You Lie” this Friday night at The Junk Bar ...

I just adore the new album! How has the lead up been to its release and tour, compared to your debut album in 2015?

Thanks so much! The lead up to this release has been slow but steady I would say. I knew I wanted to take my time a little more with this one and to give people a taste of the album before it was released. I think you learn a lot from each release, and kind of have to navigate your way through the endless music industry maze via trial and error.

You’ve received support from industry heavyweights like Tone Deaf and Triple J for some tracks – did you expect that to happen?

It’s not really something that I thought all that much about to be honest. I think that’s one thing that I learned from my last release - not to go in with any expectations. The landscape of the music scene is shifting and changing constantly and if you focus too heavily on how your music is going to be received I think you inevitably end up disappointed. I think the main thing is to make music that you feel proud of and that you believe in and if people get on board with what you’re doing it feels like a nice surprise and a bit of a bonus.

The album feels so musically cohesive, with the songs transitioning smoothly from one to the next. Is this something you set out to achieve when writing the tracks?

Yeah it is actually. Two of the tracks, 'The Dark is Kinder on the Eyes' and 'What’s It For', were written kind of simultaneously, with one emerging from the other. I liked the idea of starting the album with a sort of a “suite” and to have that sense of flow between a few of the songs.

How the heck did you do the ‘No Pen of Mine’ music video?!

Haha that is a very good question. It still kind of blows my mind that we pulled it off. My friend Andy Johnson and my cousin Emily Mcrae were the masterminds behind the whole crazy idea. I think I had mentioned the fact that the song was written on a train and that I liked the idea of there being some element of movement to the clip. Initially Andy suggested that we strap a couch to the top of his van but we decided that that was possibly too perilous. Then about a week later he and Emily came back with this concept to cable tie about 100 crates and put them on top of a trailer, top the crates with carpet, strap a couch to the crates and have me sitting on the couch, playing the guitar.

There were several fairly dicey moments (including driving the set on the Tullamarine Freeway at 100km/hour, and then the “quiet” country road that we were filming on being not quite as quiet as anticipated); but it worked out exactly as planned which was a surprise to all of us I think haha.

Alongside your solo project, you’ve begun playing with Brian Campeau as Camperon. What made you delve into that?

I’ve known Brian for a while and been a big fan of his music for ages so when he moved to Melbourne at the end of last year I asked him for a guitar lesson. I think he said something along the lines of “Nah, that’s lame let’s just have a play” and from there we just kind of decided to start a new project. I’ve played in lots of people’s projects in the past but this is the first time I’ve collaborated on a shared project and it’s a really nice feeling.

You recently played at the Bello Winter Music Festival, how did you find it?

I loved it! Bello is so beautiful and all of the audiences were so lovely. I think it’s pretty rare to play a festival gig with a real “listening” audience so that was a big treat.

You can still catch Hannah at:

Fri 10 August / Brisbane / The Junk Bar
Sat 18 August / Castlemaine (VIC) / Bridge Hotel Castlemaine
Sat 25 August / Sydney / Golden Age Bar and Cinema

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