Maja Interview

Published: 11th of July 2018

I recently caught up with Brisbane-born, Melbourne-moved musician Maja, to chat about the launch of her new single ‘Woman I’ve Become’ this Thursday night at The Junk Bar ...

Photo Credit: Jessica Grilli

Your new single ‘Woman I’ve Become’ is out!
What inspired the song?

I wrote it as a direct response to a person who wanted me to be a certain way. I felt like my power had been taken away and this was kind of like my way of reclaiming it back. There wasn't really anything I had left to say apart from like, “don't wait for me to be this person I'm not”. I guess it's come from a place of self-discovery and self-acceptance and that's what I'm most proud of. Working on changing yourself and trying to become the best version of yourself is a hard process.

How has the lead up been to the single launch, this Thursday at The Junk Bar?

Haha it has been tiring! I manage myself, so I've been doing a lot of the admin side in the lead up to the shows but I'm really looking forward to the shows themselves. At Junk Bar, I'm also going to be reading a bit of my poetry to shake things up, and I'm really looking forward to you and Georgia Rose performing.

(Thanks, I'm looking forward to playing!)
Your music video for the single looks great - what advice would you give to other artists, when making a film clip?

Thank you so much! Well the creative process is different for everyone and I personally like to be prepared. It's good to have a general idea of what you'd like to achieve. My advice is you don't need a huge budget to make something great. Less is more, and you can do a lot with the resources you have. In this video we only used my car, the streets of Melbourne and myself!

Your roots are here in Brisbane, but you moved down to Melbourne last year – what prompted that?

I just really needed change. I felt stuck and stagnant and that is one of my worst fears. I also felt like I needed an environment that would stimulate me more. I tend to think a lot and get inspired by different things, and Melbourne is a very colourful place! I saw someone on a unicycle the other day. The way that I write has changed now too and a lot of my poetry (which becomes music) is inspired by my surroundings.

You’ve mentioned that you spent 3 whole months working on the track in the studio, what was that process like?

It was good! I think every time the process is different in the studio. You know, there's no right way. My last EP 'Still Bleeding' – we did the entire thing in 3 days and this single took 3 months, so I think it's always interesting seeing how it will turn out. I don’t think the producer and I were expecting it to be as hard as it was haha! We are also perfectionists, so we spent a long time trying to get it right. I think that shows in the music though.

Do you have any future shows coming up? And most importantly, what is your favourite tour food?

After the tour, not really. I need a bit of a rest first! Oh boy! I have become one of those people now that has 'dietary requirements' so I'm like, really difficult to feed haha - I do still like Sushi and lamb. Not together though!

You can still catch Maja at:

Thurs 12 July / Brisbane / The Junk Bar
Fri 20 July / Bendigo / Handle Bar
Sat 21 July / Bendigo / Old Church on the Hill
Wed 25 July / Hobart / Irish Murphys
Thurs 26 July / Hobart / Republic Bar

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